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The Original AR500 target hitch


AR500 Mini

The AR500 Mini started out as a novelty item when we had an extra 50% silhouette laying around and decided to make a trailer hitch out of it. After months of people begging us to offer these we decided to go ahead and run a few for some of our customers. We downsized the plate to about 20% of a full silhouette and offered them in three shapes. The Full Silhouette, E-Silhouette and the AC zone. In the process of making the hitches we also decided to offer them as knock over targets as well thinking they would look good as desk weights or conversation pieces.

We have now moved several hundred of them to customers all over the country and a few have gone overseas as well. People just love to shoot them and then mount them up to their vehicles. Some people will decal them up with their own stickers or just leave them looking shot up. They are all made from 3/8” AR500 plate and built to slot into a standard 2” trailer hitch. We have also made several other custom shapes on request, so if you have a special shape and can keep it in the same size area the price is the same.

The knock-overs have found their way into several competition steel matches as a unique and challenging alternative to the same old 6 and 8 inch rounds and squares. The Virginia National Guard Marksmanship Unit has been using them as trophies for their matches for a couple years now. They have their logo engraved on them and hand them out in different sizes.





RST-FSIL-MINI - $27.50

RST-ESIL-MINI - $27.50

RST-DSIL-MINI - $27.50