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Our AR550 precision sniper target is the perfect tool for a variety of precision shooting. Featuring a 3/8" thick AR500 silhouette with a 5" round cut out in the  chest an a cut out in the head area, shooters can transition between enemy target engagement to hostage crisis scenario. Behind each cut out is an AR500 steel target plate that swings out when impacted.

The entire package is mounted to our standard base made from 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 tube steel unlike most of our competitors who use cheap angle iron. Our target assembly easily breaks down into 3 main parts for convenient transport. The main silhouette face mounts to a 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 square steel tube without the need for bolts or pins.

Specifications -

  • 18"W x 29"H x 3/8" AR550 Steel silhouette with 5" round cut out in chest and t zone cut out in head.
  • 7" X 3/8" AR550 swing out steel target plate behind chest cut out.
  • 5" X 3/8" AR550 swing out steel target plate behind t zone cut out.
  • Sturdy tube steel construction base.

RST-1824-PST   $420.00



The pistol hostage target started off as a pistol hostage situation trainer. Everyone thinks they can draw quickly and hit just the bad guy. The reality of this is far different. Even just starting from the low carry it is difficult to engage and hit only the 6" round head plate. After shooting for a bit we decided to move it out to the 400 yard line and pick up the rifles.  The great benefit of this target platform is that you really have three targets in one. You can pull off the 6" head plate and you have an outstanding static target for pistol as well as rifle training. Add the had plate and you bring a new dimension to your training, and finally move it out as far as you can handle and see how precise you really are by hitting the head plate and missing the good guy...

 Specifications -

12"W x 24"H x 3/8" AR550 AC zone of a standard IDPA silhouette acts as the main target platform.

6" round 3/8" AR550 head target that flips to the opposite side when hit.

Steel post with 3/8" steel angle iron deflector shield.

1.5" x 1.5" tube steel base with stake down holes in all four corners.

entire target system breaks down into three main parts for transport and requires not tools to assemble or disassemble.

RST-1224-PHT  $305.00

AC Precision Pistol Target

The AC Precision Pistol Target is a purpose designed target to enhance shot placement. Give someone a full size sillhouette and they will use the whole thing. The smaller target you have the more focused the shooter becomes to stay on target. Now we take a medium size target and give you a small engagement area inside the target.  We intended this platform to be a pistol training type target but as with the pistol hostage target we expect there will be some people putting it out at 600 yards as a long range rifle target as well.

The AC Precision pistol is a standard size AC Zone target witha 5" cutaway in the chest the same as the precision Sniper target, only this one has a simple flapper plate behind the target area that gives you that instan feedback when you hit.


12"W x 24"H AR550 AC Zone Sillhouette

6" Round AR550 Flapper target

Standard Heavy tube steel base and Angle Iron Steel post.

RST-1224-PPT  $300.00


One of our newest targets was born from a spin off of the popular "Pistol Hostage Target". Using a standard full sze silhouette target we added a swinging head target plate that moves shoulder to shoulder when hit.

AS with all of our Target platforms the Full Hostage has a natural 15 degrgee forward angle to direct richochets donward into the ground.  The reactive head plate can be removed to use the target as a statice training platform.


Specifications -

18"W x 29"H x 3/8" AR550 Steel silhouette

6" X 3/8" AR550 swinging head target plate

Sturdy tube steel construction base and Angle Iron Steel post.

Hostage Option selected from Full Silhouette target at checkout.

RST-1824-FHT   $350.00

Seen here next to the Precision Sniper Target