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The Modular Sniper Gong was a special request sent to us from the FBI several years ago for use at their long range shooting school. We use 3/4” solid steel bar legs and mounting arms that accommodate both a  12” round and 16” square gong. The entire system is adjustable to account for terrain and target placement. Can also be used as a single gong target system.


3/4” Solid steel frame
12” Round head plate
16” Square torso plate
S-Hooks and chains included.

RST-1216-MSG38  -  $350.00
RST-1216-MSG50  -  $425.00
RST-0812-MSG38  -  $275.00
RST-0812-MSG50  -  $310.00



The Heavy Gong System is just that, a platform to support heavy gong plates for long range shooting. The legs are all 3/4” solid steel bar so these aren't going to bend on you. The mounting ears telescopically accept the stand legs and are made from 3/8” AR500 so even if they are hit they are not breaking apart or bending from the weight of your target plate. The main crossbar is 1” solid bar that once again isn't going to bend on you.


3/4” Solid bar legs
AR500 mounting ears
1” Solid steel crossbar
Comes standard with 3/8“ 16” square gong.

Stake down foot kit available.

RST-4248-HGP38  - $285.00

RST-4248-HGP50 - $385.00



The new Double Gong Target gives you multiple targets on the same platform. Capable of mounting any single point target plates, you can hang round or square gong plates as well as silhouette targets. Uses the same tube steel base and post as all of our steel target platforms. The crossbar mounting arm is made from 3/8" AR500 and sits at a 15 degree forward angle so errant shots will deflect off and not damage the target Mount.   Target plates are mounted using 1/4" thick conveyor belt so you dont need to worry about shooting out chains.


Tube Steel base with stake donw holes

Angle Steel post

AR500 crossbar mount with 15 degree angle

Mounts multiple target plates from conveyor belt hangers

RST-2941-DG212  - $275.00