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The basic stand is just that, simple and to the point. No fancy gimmicks, just a sturdy tube steel base that is designed to hold your cardboard backer targets. Stake down hole are in all four corners and thumb screws hold your firring strips in place.

The benifit to tube steel over cheap angle iron bases is that tube steel wont fold up and be destroyed after a few hits on the range, but more importantly, tube steel is heavier meaning the slightest breeze isnt going to knock over your targets if they arent staked down.

Available for standard 18" wide or 24" wide backers

RST-1820-BTS - $40.00 - $48.00

Our 2x4 target base uses 1” tube steel rather than cheap angle iron for a couple reasons. First, it is stronger and wont fold up and get destroyed after being hit a few times on the range. Seconly its heavier which means your center of gravity is low to the ground which make sfor a more stable target platform. Stake down holes are in all four corners of these bases. The 2x4 tube steel is 3/6” so there is minimal slop with your 2x4 but not so tight you have to shave your post to fit. Tension thumb screws are in the rear to strudy up your post if needed.

RST-1820-24S - $40.00

Standard 2x4 top cap we use on all of our Steel Challenge targets. Also used for any single point mounted target. 5/16” tube steel so there is just enough space to slot in your 2x4 without being too tight

RST-2X4-TC - $15.50