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Three Gun & Competiton Targets


 The new for 2016 Magstar is our spin on the Texas Star. While they may fuction basically the same, ours has several substantial differences. Our target plates are held in a keyed slot and fixed with an 86lb rare earth magnet. Resetting is as simple as pushing the base of the target key into the magnet arm and allowing it to sit into its slot. No more springs smashing your fingers every time you try to reset the target.  We also have designed the Magstar so only your 8” round target plate is visable to shoot, not some extended arm slot for freebies. 
 The entire face and arms of the Star are all made of AR550 plate so you wont be beating this thing up ever. Even if you chose to shoot rifles at it.  All hardware is grade 8 shaker screen bolts just like our reactive targets so they will take years of abuse.  We also use a 1” solid cold formed bar as the shaft through two greasable pillowblock bearing so you get some serious speed once she starts spinning.
 Finally we built a nice little shelf on top of the pillow blocks for two reasons. First is to protect the bearings as target plates fall off and secondly to give you a place to put the target plates when resetting the star. No longer do you have to worry about the Star crushing your head as you bend over to pick up each plate during reset. Just place them all on the shelf and slot them in one by one.
 While the Magstar comes standard with 5 8” round targets, we can pretty much cut any shape to slot into the keyed slot in the back of the arms for a more challenging stage.



Double Helix Magstar

The Double Helix Magstar is our next progression of the Magstar. Two indipendent three target arms rotate as plates are shot off while at the same time allowing the entire arm assembly to rotate 360 degrees as well.   Both Target arm assembliesa re AR550 and us the same unique magnetic target mounting system as the Magstar and Steel Swinger. 

The entire target platform is so similar to the standard Magstar that target reset and function will be seemless as they use all common parts and design. 


Steel Swinger

Our Steel Swinger is the only one on the market. Paper is all well and good but if you watch enough mathces you know shooters throw a couple shots at a swinger and move on. They are more than content to take Charlies and Deltas to save time. A miss however is not acceptable. That where our Steel Swinger comes in.   We decided to take an arm off our our new MAGSTAR target and make it into a swinger. Afer a few modification to get it where we wanted, what you have is a swinger target with a 8” round AR550 target plate that falls off when struck.  Activated in the exact manner as a standard swinger we use the same counterweight gear as our swinge targets and this things goes.

Hide it behind some hard cover just like a paper swinger and watch how many people get wrapped up on this one. Very quick reset just like the MAGSTAR which holds the target plate in a keyed slot using an 86lb rare earth magnet, just slide the plate back in and the magnet does the rest.

RST-2508-SS  $295.00

Long Range Flag Target

Our Long Range Flag Target is a vast improvement over some of the other versions you may see on the internet. First off, we dont send you some cheap plastic parts that get all shot up and expect you to poke holes in to mount to the target crossbeam. More importantly, we use two 1" greasable pillowblock bearing so the target will move easily on the 1" Cold Formed solid bar shaft. The bearing are protected by an AR550 shield so you wont be shooting this target out of action. The drop in fact the entire target plate and mounting system are all AR550 plate. that means a Brinell hardness number of anywhere between 525 and 575. The flag is 11ga steel and bolts into place under the pillowblocks where it is protected and will last.

Target plates are available in multiple sizes and shapes. Shown below with a 10" target plate.


 Earlier this year we did some shooting with Frank Garcia and he showed us a popper base he had. We talked back and forth about why nobody else does it this way and right away we decided, thats how we are going to do it from now on. The whole concept fit in perfectly with our idea of keep it simple and benefits are numerous. What we basically have here is a giant knock Over target which is basically what a popper is. Going to the simple  12” base footprint that stakes in tot he ground you can right away see the massive savings in space and weight. Not to mention set up time and storage.  Each base still has tilt adjust-ability for calibration and a stop lip the plate rest against so when struck it cant spin. All it can do is fall straight back. You can now set your poppers and not worry about having to defeat the hinge assembly to fall. Louder reports, more consistent results and faster and easier set up and storage. Just goes to show simple is easier!

 We then took it a step further and skeletonized our popper plates. After constantly watching shooters complain about calibration when they were clearly shooting well below the target area we decided to remove the problem altogether. The calibration zone is there but now if you're low or high its just a miss. Great for Three Gun and Steel Matches. USPSA isn't on board yet but they will be soon.   Skeleton plates are lighter which means easier to move and reset and believe it or not high wind wont knock them back when you have them set for competition.  Now you store all your popper plates and bases in a fraction of the space you used to. You save on space, price, shipping and time.

We offer all of the standard popper shapes as solids or skeletonized, as well as the classic popper bases



The new 360 degree swinger is a one of kind challenge target.  It has 2 solid steel counterweights that can be adjusted to make the swinger spin 360 degrees once activated or you can play around and make the target make a couple complete circles then turn the opposite direction. This is definitely a target that three gun and USPSA shooter wont expect once activated. As the targets appear from behind cover they need to engage both and hope it does what they think it will. Add magazine changes during the engagement for added entertainment. 


Standard heavy tube steel base
(2) 3/4” Pillow Block Bearings
3/4” Solid Steel shaft
5/8” Grade 8 threaded rod
(2) 4” Round Solid Steel

180 Degree Swinger - RST-25180-SW - $265.00

360 Degree Swinger - RST-25360-SW - $315.00

Swinger Starter - RST-1208-SWA - $85.00